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Plywood Reels

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  • Plywood Reels for welding wire, copper and aluminum conductor, insulated wire, cable, wire rope, cordage, hoses, and rubber extrusions.
  • Pro-Grade reels produced using russian birch plywood to eliminate costly wire snags and to provide the strongest reel of this type available.
  • Econo-Grade reels produced using softwood plywood materials as a lower cost alternative.
  • Reels assembled using either a spiral wound tube, wood staves or a stitched bendable plywood core using bolts, washers, and t-nuts.
  • Lighter weight reels are assembled with a galvanized steel barrel with tabbed construction.
  • Over two dozen standard sizes plus custom sizes available

The P&R

  • Multiple Solutions Hardwood plywood, Softwood plywood, and fiberboard flanges. Barrel options of fiber tubes, bendable plywood, wood staves, or metal tube.
  • Product Development CAD/CAM, CNC routers, and an in-house tool department.
  • Stability 30+ years of consistent growth.
  • Experience Employees with over 250 total years of spool/reel production experience.
  • Quality Operational Excellence = quality products.
  • Service Industry-leading superior service levels.
Plywood Reels


Our plywood reels are available with multiple barrel materials: standard paper/fiber, metal barrels, bendable plywood barrels (providing additional strength for increased weight capacities), and woodstave barrels (providing the maximum weight capacity available for a plywood reel).


P&R plywood reels and spools are produced with a smooth finish using Russian birch plywood. Reels are assembled using either a spiral wound tube or a stitched bendable plywood core using bolts, washers, and t-nuts. Also available are reels manufactured with softwood plywood as a lower cost solution. Lighter-weight reels can be assembled with a galvanized steel barrel and tabbed construction. Reels are available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch thicknesses. Diameters sizes are available from 4" to 60". Flange diameters of 12" to 30' are standard with other sizes possible based on weight and/or length capacities.


P&R provides consistent on-time delivery performance and flexible, responsive customer service.