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Plastic Spools

Our Spools
At A Glance

  • Packaging for welding wire, bare copper wire, fine wire, magnet wire, rope, cored, cable, hose, tubing and other materials.
  • Manufactured to meet industry specifications and standards.
  • Over two dozen standard sizes plus custom sizes available.
  • Resin formulations to meet application needs. Certified materials for flame retardancy, colored spools, and recyclable materials available.
  • In-house tool/mold department to design, build, and maintain a mold that meets your spool winding and packaging specifications.

The P&R

  • Multiple Solutions ABS, HIPS, PC/ABS, Polypropylene, as well as other resins.
  • Product Development In-house tool/mold deisgn, manufacturing and maintenance capability.
  • Stability 30+ years of consistent growth.
  • Experience Employees with over 250 total years of spool/reel production experience.
  • Quality Operational Excellence = quality products.
  • Service Industry-leading superior service levels.
Plastic Spools


A complete line of plastic spools for a variety of applications.  One source for welding wire, bare copper wire, fine wire, magnet wire, rope, cord, cable, or hose to meet customer needs.


P&R plastic spools are manufactured to meet winding equipment specs, and can be molded as one piece to provide for the highest quality spool possible. Flange diameters of 4” to 12” are standard with traverses available from 1.75” and up. A variety of traditional resin formulations are available to meet your needs, as well as certified materials fro flame retardancy. Single cavity or multiple cavity molds are used to produce the desired result.


P&R provides consistent on-time delivery performance and flexible, responsive customer service.